Public Obedient student 2

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Dauer: 11:49 min.
Veröffentlicht: am 05.04.2014
My teacher called me in student cafe to talk about my estimation.
I need to pass a test , but I\\\'m not ready again . Damn ... I did not have time for this.
I asked him to pass a test in another way. Why can not I pass this f**king test in the same manner as in the first time.
My feet must help me .
Students went to the cafe , and I s**ked at this time a d**k of my teacher . Then my legs started to j**k off his big d**k .
I must give pleasure for this brazen teacher , what would my evaluated were great. I m********e , s**king , licking his d**k .
I was really scared that someone from the students notice me and I lost everything . How could I afford to use me for the second time ?
Teacher c*m on my nylon feet and I left with a good evaluation. This is an easy way to pass a test . Maybe my legs help me out the next time .....

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