A**l Punishment

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NiceDom31 schrieb am 05.08.2014
It´s perfekt,that´s what i like...
Dauer: 9:38 min.
Veröffentlicht: am 04.06.2014
It was the worst of my punishment for all the time.
He tied me handcuffed, put a ballgag in my m***h and put the clothes with a collar.
I was crawling on the floor on all fours. He was walking me like a dog. It was cruel.
Then he removed the ballgag and put c**k in my m***h. He f**ked my m***h.
After he began to f**k my a*s. It was p*****l. I wanted to cry.
He c*m on my face and the s***m was in my eyes. It was all so humiliating!

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