A**l Pleasure

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Dauer: 9:21 min.
Veröffentlicht: am 08.10.2013
While my boyfriend was washing in the shower. I wear stockings and a beautiful dress . I lay down on the bed and pretended to read a book . But this is not the case. I did it on purpose. I waited for him to come after a shower and surprised . After all, I'm so sexy. I started to stick to him and kiss. Touched him already risen member , kissed and licked.I was to undress and fondle himself.
Smeared oil my a*s and started to touch my lustful hole . My a*s wants to f**k her today. Big c**k f**king my a*s and I enjoy. It was so nice! My boyfriend had finished on my face. A thick , white liquid bummed me 2 times and also got on my tits. C*m dripping from my face and I liked it.

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