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Stranger how long you look at my feet?.

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Stranger how long you look at my feet?.
Veröffentlicht am 30.01.2017
Yesterday, Kate went on shopping. She wanted to buy new classic shoes. Kate went to the boutiques and chooses shoes. At this time, stranger watched for the Kate. Kate was wearing tan tights. He watched and admired her feet.

This stranger admired female feet. After shopping Kate went in cafe for snack. The stranger followed her. Kate sat at the table, at next table sat a stranger. He spied on her, he looked at her feet.

Of course, Kate guessed that he was watching her. She talked to him first and invited him her company. The man agreed. Their acquaintance continued in a more intimate setting. Well that was just a stranger foot fetishist and not a m.@.n.i.a.c...

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Today, Michael decided to invite Kate to a friendly date to play tennis and have a coffee. He has long worked with her and he likes Kate, but he does not dare ask her out on a date as a lover. Kate and Michael drink a cup of coffee and come to the tennis court to play. Kate great player! She won! Michael lost his last hope. Because the g***s love strong and bold players, not a weakling who can not even play tennis. Michael was angry and decided try his super magical console. It will be fun and you will see how this one ends!
Videodauer: 12:41 min.
Online gestellt am 07.02.2017
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Custom Clip Request Hello Angel, here is my script. Please let me know if you are okay with these scenes. Angel the mannequin: You play as a nude living mannequin/real doll, you are like a statue and don\'t move at all unless you are posed by owner. At all times, your face expression should be a look of surprise, m***h slightly open. (enclosed reference pics below) Also important and try not to blink eyes at all -- but this is difficult to do so please try your best. Also important for me is how your f****rs, hands and wrists are posed so please mix around with this throughout the video. Also I want posing ideas from you too, I want sexy but also artificial and explicit style poses. Setting= Open spaces or background with...
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Online gestellt am 31.12.2016
Sensual h*****b with nylon gloves!
Sensual h*****b with nylon gloves!
The stranger I know your fetish... You like nylon, you love it all over your body. When I put my nylon long gloves on my hands. You love them. When I touch your c**k and caress it gently and sensually you loose your head. The stranger just enjoy this sensual clip, which has everything that you want and are looking for.
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Online gestellt am 25.12.2016
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CUSTOM VIDEO REQUEST Hi-i think i would like to do this video: in the video, u r laying back (see first picture) and he has m**e u up w/ make-up and (maybe wear the pink-ish glasses from \"h***y from my selfie\"-but remove them halfway through) and u r frozen and cant move-his c**k hovers over your face and u look up scared because u r helpless-he opens your m***h and his c**k slowly enters your helpless m***h while u moan in fear-u cannot resist as he starts to slowly f**k your face-keep most of the video close-up POV like first photo-you can do a few side shots-with just u moaning with wide open eyes and some shots of you looking cross-eyed at the c**k in terror as it f**ks your m***h-please keep most of the m***h-f**king ...
Videodauer: 23:07 min.
Online gestellt am 11.12.2016