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Supreme Pleasure
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The scene involves you wearing some nice seamless pantyhose, the ones without the cotton gusset in the middle (This is very important). If the color could be a glossy tan, that would be ideal as those are my favorite (also important). A nice black skirt, a tight white blouse and some high heels. For makeup, you could wear whatever you wish, but I do like a lot makeup worn, but classy though. Think of the girls in Marc Dorcel Films. My only request is to wear some red lipstick, love that look

So the setting of the scene will start out in public, it doesnt matter where, you guys choose. While youre out in public, you start to turn him on by teasing him with your legs and shoes. Leg crossing, foot in crotch, that sort of thing.
From teasing him, you get so turned on by it that you have to start f*******g yourself. But instead of putting your hand inside your pantyhose to finger yourself, you do it from the outside, so that you finger your pantyhose INTO your pus

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