Pleasure in the Shower full

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Pleasure in the Shower full
Veröffentlicht am 22.11.2016
Custom Clip Request:

Hi angel,
Thank you for my last custom it was amazing. Would you do another custom video for me?it would be a shower scene. Your man would be standing in the shower naked. You walk into the room wearing a tight white tshirt and white panties. You join your man under the shower. You begin to soap and wash his c**k getting him hard. You keep your tshirt and panties on and they get wet and see through in the shower. You give your man a really soapy h*****b and b*****b in the shower. You stand and take off your tshirt then rub his soapy c**k over your amazing tits. You then stand and take off panties. You soap up his c**k and massage it with your a*s and between your thighs showing your amazing legs. Finally you kneel down in front of your man and j**k his c**k to o****m over your tits. Let me know if you would do this. A 15 minute clip.


Hi Angel, that was perfect exactly what I wanted. Such a sexy clip and you looked amazing

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