Foot Job for My Stallion

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Foot Job for My Stallion
Veröffentlicht am 04.06.2016
I wear nylon tan pantyhose. I ironed my sexy legs. I take off my heels and I caress my feet in nylon pantyhose. Mmmm so nice! So you loving my feet so much? kisses ... Lick my feet. I like it when my legs kiss and lick my toes. You can lick them, kissing, caressing, stroking. Mmmm, these nylon feet, they can be a maddening. In the meantime, I'm starting to do f*****b for my horse. I tied his c**k on the chain. C**k was a huge giant. I begin to move my legs and m**********g his big c**k. My toes are impacting its trunk. And I move my feet down up, down up. You enjoy? Yes! I love you tease my horse. I love to play with you c**k. I'm yanking my legs big c**k, I want to get his s***n. Oh yeah! C*m shot on my nylon tan pantyhose. White sparkling liquid mmmm ... I love it when the s***m is in my pantyhose. Then I get up and go to the balcony. I wet my feet in nylon pantyhose in the water, my a*s and p***y in panties. Water washes away the s***m from my foot. My feet are clean and wet. It'

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