Dirty Talk Office Secretary

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Dirty Talk Office Secretary
Veröffentlicht am 14.03.2016
I'm your secretary, and I will talk about my fantasy - of you (my boss). I show my short leather skirt, high stockings and high heels, dirty talk and say how I want you to f**k me."I want you to f**k me in your chair in the office. But first I want you to tease me with your c**k on my c**t, making me ask for your big c**k. .I want you to be rude to me. Pull my nipples and f**k me so hard. It's so hot, I like your huge c**k. f**k my p***y. S***k me. f**k your little b***h. Now you can c*m with me, five - yes, f**k me so hard, four - yes, my p***y so wet, three - I want to get your s***m, two - c*m in my p***y, one - c*m on my face. Oh yeah, you were great.

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