PA Strips For Law Fund

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PA Strips For Law Fund
Veröffentlicht 21.03.2023
Apologies for the intrusion into your hotel room, but we've been on so many business trips that it doesn't seem that important. I've been thinking. The wages I'm paid doesn't really cut it if I want to excel in life... and that's where you come in. You remember I mentioned wanting to earn a law degree? The thing is, they're so expensive. So I was wondering if you could write me a company cheque to fund this law degree. No? Well, I was prepared for that reaction. I think I have something that might persuade you. You don't mind if I take off my coat, do you? I know you're reluctant to write that cheque because you don't want me to leave, so I've brought these handcuffs, but without the key, so I can't go anywhere at all. Hands behind my back, just the way you like it, so you can do whatever you want. Tell me.. what do you want to do to me?